Youtharia Revolution is a strategy on working with children and youth around the world on Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs & Sports, Health & Family Welfare, Agriculture & Allied Industries Development, Environment & Forests, Rural Development, Science & Technology and Communication & IT.

Green Youth Generation during Youtharia Revolution provide a platform to young people who are passionate about leadership, innovations and social entrepreneurship. And, environmental awareness, decision-making, exchange information and capacity building. There will be independence of designing and executing activities/events by selected National/International coordinators. And, there are multiple designed activities/events are provided by the organization to Get Started with Leadership.

What else in Youtharia Revolution? Develop techniques to motivate and success of your ideas. Involvement of interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma and intelligence. Person who are leaders in one situation may not necessarily be leaders in other situation. But individual can do and emerge as leaders across a variety of situations and tasks. Abilities, motives, values, social skills, expertise and problem solving skills and concern for people and for goal achievement.

Steps for Becoming an Youtharian

  • Apply to become national or international coordinator.
  • Wait for selection letter.
  • Once you’ll receive selection letter, you’ll receive Toolkit in next email including ID Card, logo, posters, banners and other materials.
  • You’ll receive further instructions and one-to-one video/audio call to discuss your project.
  • After discussion, you’ll create an action plan to accomplish your project.
  • Once you’ll accomplish the project, you’ll receive certificate for completion of each project after submission of project report. A link will be shared to you for upload project reports with pics.
  • At the end of the year, you’ll evaluated by our steering committee and will be awarded by Certificate of Successful Completion.
  • Top 3 Youtharians will receive a special honor and awards from the organization.

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